A glimpse of the shikkaka grove at Shrimath Campus

Enlightened Living (ELiv)

ELiv is a special life transforming hands-on learning & implementation program. It is the culmination of 10 year research that started in April 2011 on 'life & living' using the time tested principles, practices & processes from Veda, Tantra & Yoga traditions of India, as applicable today


Since 2011, 100s of participants from 40+ Countries have undertaken this program in one form or the other at Shrimath. 

An interactive session on Yoga Philosophy

Overview of ELiv

A major portion of this program is derived from our 27 day course on the journey of self discovery that has been completed by people from 40+ countries since 2011 

The participants understand the interconnectivity of past, present and future. They learn to heal, nurture and develop relationships that matter to them through lessons and exercises

At the end of the program, each one would develop their blueprint on how to be successful, prosperous & peaceful - all at the same time 

Photograph by our advisor Sri Ravindran Krishnan

What one gets?

The sessions would have inputs from ancient Indic knowledge and today's research findings in areas of life & living

1) Understanding the set of debts one is born with & how to discharge them

2) Exploring the 5 dimensions of our personality and how to fortify each of it

3) Getting to know the non-negotiable components of life

4) Dharma, how to harness it for a peaceful & prosperous living

5) Esoteric aspects in life and stretching beyond  one's present knowledge of life & living

6) Processes to stay fit at all levels

Rural school kids practicing super brain technique

Glimpse of one process

Popularly called as the Super Brain Technique in the West, this process has been followed by adepts and commoners for eons in India now. There is more to this process than what we get to read in internet. We will learn how to do it perfectly and will also share the knowledge on how those who have health issues can still practice this processes with optimum benefits

The beauty of Indian living traditions is that the teachings and practices are universal as the underlying idea is Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu i.e. let the beings of the World be happy

Kindly feel free to download this booklet based on the introductory talk on Enlightened Living (ELiv) that also 3 activities that can be used by you to further your journey towards Enlightened Living

I came to Shrimath because I was looking for change in my life. I was specifically searching for a place where true knowledge was passed on to a small circle of people, not for the sake of profit or fame but simply for the joy of sharing.

Farina Pakulat, Germany

Residential: INR 21,600

Hybrid INR 10,800

Online: INR 4,500

Program Fee

My meeting with Krishna was destiny, in my opinion. I felt a complete peace and calm, as he asked me to wait for a few minutes while he was taking class for someone else. He then patiently explained to me about the course and I signed up on the spot.

Dr Ashok Rijhwani, India

If I have to put together a list of the most important happenings in my life so far, meeting KP back in 2008 will definitely make it to the top 5. Before that, I had been a very confused, angry person harboring much discontentment with my life. KP, with his infinite patience, kindness and understanding, changed my perspective on reality and in turn changed my life.

Amy Yeung, Hong Kong